Foundation problems can end up causing major problems to the rest of your house or commercial building. So, it is very important that you know the signs of a failing foundation to protect your house or commercial building from damage. Here are 10 of the top signs that you need a foundation repair:

  1. The first is squeaky or sticky doors. Many people ignore this about their doors and just think that a door that starts sticking to the frame is normal. Well, it’s not. If your doors start squeaking when you move them or they start sticking to the door frame when it didn’t do so before, you need a foundation repair.
  2. The second is similar to the first, but it involves windows. This too is mostly viewed as normal. But, windows that start squeaking out of nowhere are a common sign that you have a foundation problem. shotcrete wall
  3. Another way to verify if you need foundation repair with the door is to check the frame. If the frame is separated from the door sill, you, most likely, have a foundation problem. An easy way to check for foundation damage is to regularly open and close the windows and doors of your house to make sure they don’t stick or squeak.
  4. The fourth sign of the need of foundation repair is curling/separating wallpaper. As the walls shift from a foundation problem, the wallpaper will also shift, causing it to separate or rip.
  5. Bowed walls are another sign of a foundation problem. These walls can normally be seen in the basement, and they will be curved inward or outward.
  6. A leaning chimney is the sixth common sign of foundation damage. This needs foundation repair, or else it will cause water leaks and/or cracks around the mantel of the chimney.
  7. The seventh sign of needing foundation repair is cracks appearing in the corners of door/window frames. If there is a foundation problem, cracks may start to appear where walls meet other walls. These cracks can also be seen on brick fireplace walls.
  8. Unleveled floors are the eighth sign of a foundation problem. When the floor is unlevel, there may be an obvious slope, humps, or valleys on the surface of the floor.
  9. Another obvious sign of foundation damage is nails popping out for no apparent reason. The nails may come out of corner frames or out of sheetrock or gypsum walls.
  10. The tenth sign of needing foundation repair is gaps between a patio/stoop. A foundation that needs repaired may start to move and separate from any attachments, such as patios or stoops, it may have.

Damage to your foundation can be very dangerous, and you need to get foundation repair as soon as possible after you notice it.

To keep your home or commercial building safe you should perform regular checks. To do this, go down the list of some possible signs of a foundation problem, and make sure they don’t exist. Try to pay close attention to any oddities. Even then, there may be some you may not see. So, you should try to get a professional inspect the structure to verify it is safe every so often. You should try to get a foundation repair done even if you suspect even the slightest foundation problem in your home or commercial building.

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