Botox is mostly used as a way to get rid of wrinkles as it helps to ease the muscles of the face, which cause the wrinkles. However, what many people don’t know is Botox can also be used as a Vaginismus treatment. However, the majority of physicians advise women to undergo Botox treatment only if she is unable to treat her condition with the help of traditional treatments. Also, there are some women with Vaginismus who experience such severe pain that they cannot insert a dilator into their vagina. Thus, for such women, the only way to get rid of Vaginismus is to use Botox. vaginismus treatment

Using Botox as a Vaginismus Treatment: The Process

The procedure of Botox Treatment is completed within 20 minutes. While undergoing the Vaginismus treatment through Botox, a woman is put under sedation with the help of anesthesia. This feature of the treatment proves beneficial for women who can’t even bare the pain caused while touching their genitals during a gynecological examination. After the woman is unconscious, the physician then breaks the vaginal spasms by massaging the walls of the vagina. Once this is done, the physician then injects Botox into the vagina of the woman. Due to the massage, the muscles of the vagina relax in such a way, so that the largest dilator can be inserted while the woman is still under sedation. Once the dilator is inserted it is kept into the vagina of the woman. This dilator is kept into the vagina even when the woman awakens.

After the procedure, there is a recovery and rest period wherein the woman learns to insert and remove the dilator. Once she is used to it, she is sent home with a pack of dilators. The physician instructs the woman about using dilators. The woman is then asked to dilate until she is able to insert the largest dilator easily and without experiencing any pain.

How Botox helps to treat Vaginismus?

Botox relaxes the muscles spasms that tighten the vagina and cause pain while having sexual intercourse. The process in, which the patient awakens with the dilator inside the vagina, is in fact the hardest step. The anesthesia ensures that the woman doesn’t feel any kind of pain when the first dilator is inserted into the vagina. In reality, it is observed that the woman undergoing the Botox treatment can’t even feel the dilator when it is inserted first time into the vagina.

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