Samsung has created the 2250 for the home office or small office that requires a no frills, high quality quick printing laser printer. Samsung provides a 250 sheet paper tray with the printer. This is important since the device can complete print jobs at the rate of 17 ppm. This no frills printer won’t consume much desktop space either. The small size of the printer permits placing it almost anywhere.

Connections to the printer are quick and easy through use of either parallel or USB ports. Options include both Wi-FI and network cards should they be desired. The device combines low initial purchase price along with a low per page cost for printing. Samsung USB Drivers

Paper stock should never be a concern with the printer. To go along with the standard 250 sheet tray, an optional stock tray is available. This tray also holds 2250 stock sheets. Should envelopes or other media need to be printed, the manual feed tray can hold them or an additional 50 sheet supply. Any sized print job can be completed with the product in minimum time. Printing time for an average sheet is 17 pages per minute. Detailed printing can be selected with print quality variable from 600X600dpi to 1200X1200dpi.

When many home office owners are determining which laser printer to purchase, many of the options that are available. The home office will never utilize many of these options. The 2250 has been designed for a minimum of options and provides a laser printer that produces high quality documents in a minimum of time. This along with the lack of expensive options provides an economical, easy to utilize printer for the home/small office.

One unique quality of the product is the combined toner / drum cartridge. In combining the toner and the drum, Samsung has insured that print quality will remain high, and that the toner and drum are replaced at the proper intervals. While many manufacturers install a low capacity toner/ drum cartridge at the factory, Samsung installs their standard 5000 sheet drum. This provides a further savings to the home office.

The ML-2250 once placed in the home/small office connects easily to any PC. The printer drivers are provided for both Windows and Linux environments. These printer drivers provide many options including overlays, multi-page printing and watermarks. Duplex printing is not available on the printer and should both sides of the page need to be printed, the paper will need to have one side printed and then the paper placed back into the paper tray with the blank side up.

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