If you are a beginner skater, you may want to go out and buy the biggest skate board ramp available, but unless you want to become good friends with the ground (and possibly your emergency room) you will want to start out with something smaller. Meepo board

Size matters. Beginner skaters should start out with a low angle ramp.  That way you can learn tricks safely.  Smaller ramps also have the big advantage of being portable.  After you’ve mastered the smaller ramps you can move on to low rails and grind boxes, and then bigger ramps like quarter pipes and  half-pipes.

Get a ramp that is durable. Skating is not a sport that is easy on anything.  Combine that with your ramp being out in the elements and you know you need something durable.  Sturdy plastic ramps work great for beginners.  They are durable and relatively inexpensive.  You can also get some larger straight angle wood skate board ramps that work really well to learn on.

When you are using your new ramp be sure to use proper safety equipment.  Helmets are important when skating.  They can keep you from being seriously injured. I know they aren’t fun, but use them anyway.  The fun of skating will more than make up for it.

Whatever ramp you decide on, be sure it is one that fits your skill level and ability. Skating is a really fun sport, and you will love using your new skate board ramp to practice your tricks and show off to your friends.

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